The Unrevealed

We could use some inspirations in life, a dash of sanity reminders, and ideally a shoulder to lean on. We are creative, adventurous and courages. We have endless needs, wants, desires, and probably 7000 deadly sins. Some are good ones, many are bad ones, who cares- we just want them. But we fail sometimes, big times, small times. Of course we would! Some succeeded, some failed, some hidden, some exposed.

The snow balls just keep rolling. We regret it, wish to undo, wish to forget, and then we wish to live without regrets but… The energy used on forgetting, suppressing and concealing the past is drowning us- months, years, decades. Who would want to live this way in the next decades? Wish to dig a big hole and buried it under the soil. Fear of being abandoned or punished. We probably would be abandoned, if anyone knows what we have done, because we already abandoned ourselves since we are the only one who knows it – if the most faithful person has, why would others stay?

The snowball rolls, larger than us, large enough to cover our consciousness. Breakdown. Despair. Grief. Self-abasement. Finally, apathy. Dying. And then, officially announced death.

Have you read the studies of cockroaches before? They are in the world-wide top disgusting list. Maybe more active in this part of the world. In Chinese, the giant and brown one with big wings is called “German Cockroach”. Wonder how they get the passports to travel. Do they have difficulties to obtain the visa for entering the States like we do? Somehow they manage to travel around the world and everyone is seeing them everyday. To them, we are the intruders because they live on earth longer than we have. Probably friends with the dinosaurs or something like that. Do you know what is the correct way to kill one if you must? Most common way we might want to step on them as hard as we could. We want them death so badly and express that on our giant steps. I don’t want to be disgusting here. But we should not because a giant step won’t kill them. Enough of a little fun diversion here I try to make, back to the point, the strong resilience of life has amazed us.

We could be resilience too. A book namely, The Secret, the whole book is a mysterious labyrinth if one reads pages by pages. The greatest thing in the book is that, one sentence say it all. “You will get anything you want if you think hard enough”.

We are responsible to our own desires. Some secrets are better left unrevealed. Sharing is not a must. Either to reveal or to conceal, we need to be strong and be prepared.

There’s a saying in Chinese, “There’s no new stories under the moonlight” 月下無鮮事 -Because moonlight shines as ever. The strings of emotions are easily linked and touched by others who shared the stories.
Can’t rush art.

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