You inspired me. Inspired me to reach out to others that have drifted away- either me from them or them from me, or both drifted off in our own directions. Reach out? Keep in touch? Extend a hand? Even if they have turned away from you, hurt you, abandoned you? That concept is foreign to me.

You never let anyone go. Are you the dog that comes back after it has been kicked? The woman who stays in a home even though she is hit? The child who obeys even though he is belittled? The man who goes to work even after he has been humiliated?

Are you this way out of desperation, need, fear of being alone? Or a confidence, love and understanding greater than most of us can imagine? I don’t know whether I should learn from your strength or recoil from your weakness.

I am the type that if you kick me once you will probably never see me again. But you inspired me to step out of my comfort zone and try it and see what I get. No- just to do it. I must do it for the act of doing it, regardless of whatever response I get. Anything else would be setting myself up for disappointment. I will be the bigger one, the gentle one, the giving one- they will accept it or not.



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