Mom’s Friend

Mom’s Friend can be a wild one – let me tell you. I will share with you a tale of some experiences I had last summer with one of my mom’s best friends.

I met her because she is a friend of my mom and my sister (she is only five years older than me). She would always call up for my mom. Often my mom wasn’t home when she would call, so me and her would end up talking. Sometimes for over an hour. We would usually talk about serious and deep stuff, but we would laugh a lot too. In short, we would have really cool conversations that I’d greatly enjoy. After a while we would talk whenever she called and I happened to answer the phone, whether my mom was home or not.

One day me and her and my sister all went roller skating together. That was just weird. Back to talking on the phone. Finally me and her said we should get together sometimes and hang out – so we set something up.

She picked me up in her car on the appointed night – I brought the chess set and we went to the small local airport to play chess as planned. It was a strange idea for either of us to have (I don’t know who thought of it first) – but even odder that we each found someone else that was actually willing to do it. This airport is pretty empty at night. We walked into the lobby area, sat down, and broke out the chess.

Well, we never finished that game. We got about half way through though – but now we were off to the Cape Fear bridge. She’s so hyper – we park nearby and walk out to the big bridge. It’s dark, not too many cars. She hops from the road to the sidewalk, road, sidewalk. Then she starts climbing down strange ladders on the bridge – what is she doing? I am not brave enough to climb down or up.

From there we went to the graveyard. We hop a fence, all at her direction of course, and walk around. It feels OK to do such illegal things with her because she is older and more respectable-like, or is she? I feel drawn to her – all our deep conversations and now this awesome night. She drives me home and we part with a hug.

The next time we hang out, not too far in the future, we go to a place called Airily Garden which is supposedly a very beautiful garden during the day when you can see everything. Yes, we had to hop the gate to get in. It was very dark. It was hard to see where we were going. We wander around and finally come to pool/pond type thing. It has a path leading to one end of it with a concrete area at that end. So we sit down on the concrete and start talking.

We share feelings and thoughts – we begin to hold each other. Then, almost before I knew what was happening (but really I did) she was on top of me with her tongue in my mouth. It was so strange. It was so foreign to me to be with her like that, that, only seeing the outline of her head in the dark, my mind filled in her face with the face of another woman I used to be sexually involved with that also had short dark hair. A woman that me and my friends used to affectionately refer to as Margarita. It was more than the hair that made me see her – it was the body that my arms were now around. It wasn’t a small body like the one’s belonging to the little girls I usually seem to find myself with. Margarita was the first female I remember putting my arms around in an intimate way and knowing that I was the smaller and younger one here. She was a few years older than me also. These were no little girls – these were grown women.

After some kissing we left. I think we each wanted to go somewhere else but it was an awkward situation. She drove me home and we parted with hugs and kisses.

Neither of us called the other for about a week after that night for some reason. I didn’t even really have her phone number – she had always called me. So I finally looked through my mom’s address book and found her number and called her to find out what was up. It turned out that the reason MF (mom’s friend) didn’t call was that she now thought that what happened between me and her the other night was a terrible mistake. She acted like it was the worst mistake of her life. Flattered, of course, I told her it was fine, that we didn’t have to be anything she didn’t want. I really enjoyed time with her as just a friend (as I also enjoyed time with her as more than just a friend, and future prospects of such) – so I tried to make that perfectly clear.

We made plans to get together sometime. So a bump in the road of our friendship, but now things are back on track, right? Then, ten minutes after she was supposed to show up to pick me up she called to say she couldn’t hang out with me tonight because she didn’t feel right about it. She said she didn’t know how to be around me. Filled in from a good source, it seems it goes like this – MF has desires like everyone else, desires for me that is, but she thinks it’s wrong, and its also been a while for her so she’s a bit nervous about sexual possibilities.

With that cancellation things kind of ended on a bad note (“I said it didn’t have to be anything more than friends, we’re just going to hang out – whats the problem?”) We didn’t hang out again for almost two months. During that time we slowly started talking on the phone again, and I saw her when she came over to see my mom, which was just weird.

We were repairing and redirecting. Then I was going to be away for the summer, so after working on things for a while (i.e. talking on the phone more) we decided to get together to say Goodbye before I left. She took me to see a play at a restaurant/bar type of place. It was nice, we got along great, it was good but weird to hang out with her again.

She kept asking about these marks on my neck that were hickeys (I hate when people can’t control themselves about stuff like that ) from someone else I had met about a week previous. I said they were from my cat, very sarcastically though because I didn’t want to lie. I’m sure she know what they were – but in the end I guess it didn’t make much difference to her (I like that in a person).
She’s giving me these looks from across the table at the restaurant, long looks. It’s there… I think. Am I reading this right? No, it can’t be.

After the play we decide to go to the beach. It’s night so we climb up and sit in a life guard tower. We talk quietly, mostly about my going away. Then there is a silence for a while which I end by asking her what she’s thinking. She says, “I’m thinking I feel like kissing you.” – I am blown away. I am shocked. The last time after we kissed she thought it was a huge mistake, then it takes two months just to get to the point of being friends again, and now this! The funny thing is – this was just when I finally came to terms with and happy about just being friends with MF (which is often not easy for me). So just at the point when I thought all hope was gone for me being more than just friends with MF, just when I was content with that, and just when I thought we were so far away from anything other than that – she says this! She wants to kiss me?!

All this flies through my mind as I answer with a quiet “ah-ha…” in a couple seconds, too shocked to say anything more. Needless to say we are kissing within two minutes, probably without another word being spoken between us. The kissing goes good until we are interrupted by drunks on the beach- so we leave.

We drive not knowing where to go. We both wanted to go somewhere else, somewhere more private. Her apartment (since I lived at home) seemed appropriate but she said she’d feel weird driving me home in the morning, with my mom and all, if I stayed over. I think she was also nervous about the prospect of sex – I told her nothing had to happen. But she was too confused and nervous – so she decides that it’d be best if she just drives me home.

We pull into the driveway of my mom’s and she shuts the car off. We say our goodbyes. I say that I’ll miss her. She says, “You wont be gone – you’ll be here”, as she puts her hand over mine and puts it to her heart. That is nice – but oh where it goes. After a few seconds of holding my hand on her heart she slides her hand down till my hand is now on her breast. She then moves my hand to fondle her breast. I do.

We start kissing, putting hands under cloths – right there in the driveway in front of the house! It goes on for a few minutes. There is talk about us going to her place – but nervous again she says, “I should go”, and she does.

I came back two months later with two of my best friends from NY for a one week visit. We hang out with MF the first night. Tired from our trip, we all get tired when hanging out in my room after our little night out. We fall asleep – MF sleeps over. Four in a small room is too much, not enough air. Me and MF had talked about sleeping together, and this was the perfect, non-threatening opportunity for it. We just slept.

MF left very early in the morning, before anyone else (except me) woke up, so my mom wouldn’t see her car. My friends can’t believe that she slept over.

A week later, my friends are gone. I go over MF’s apartment. She’s watching a movie in the dark. I watch some with her. After a little while she invites me upstairs. I go. Still unsure for a little while, she finally asks me to sleep over. I do. We have sex.

I go away to school. I came back three months later. Even though I am living with someone else as a lover, which she knows, when I come over by myself she invites me up to her bedroom within a half hour. We have fun.

Since then, me and MF have drifted apart. We lead different lives with different friends – but that never mattered before. So I really don’t know what it is. Last time I was back home for a week we talked on the phone about wanting to get together – but it never happened.

It was, and still sometimes is, weird when my mom mentions her friend. I am usually pretty open with my mom about my love life, but her getting inside information from the other side was a little too weird for me. She knows we have slept together, but I sometimes wonder just how much MF told her about us. On the drive to school in Ohio a few months ago my mom said out of pretty much no where, “You always have nice women friends in your life, even the ones you sleep with” or something I didn’t quite get the meaning of like that. But it’s true – MF was always more of a friend than a lover. She’s more than mom’s friend (MF), she’s Craig’s Friend (CF)

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