I Kept the Card

I want to forget about you- but you are in my thoughts more than I will acknowledge.
I want to dislike you- but I admire so much about you.
I want to be disgusted by you- but I cannot help being attracted to you.
I want to reduce you to a stereotype – but you defy convention.
I want to give up hope – but part of me will not let go.
I want to hate about you- but sometimes I think I am still in love with you.
Sorting through papers I uncover it- the recognition of what it is freezes me in my tracks. I always kept it in the past- but now it can no longer remain where it is. If someone saw it what would I say as to why I kept it? Possible excuses flash through my mind. It has to be moved- and now I have a plan, a place to hide it away. You may not even remember giving me that small token at the start of it all- but I am sure you know that I would. And that’s why I just had to keep the card.



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