Sometimes I sit around and wonder about- heroes.
Like what it take to become a hero- like, John Lennon, Malcolm X, Martin Luther King Jr., etc.
One thing I know if that they all had heroes of their own; someone they looked up to- emulated.
But I realized something else- it takes a lot more than emulation to become a hero.
So after emulation what is the first things one should do to become a hero?
The first things one should do to become a hero is to take down all the pictures of your present heroes and put up your own picture.
YOU become the hero make reinventing yourself into the person you could and should be.
That’s what the heroes did- that’s what you should do.
We need you- we need you now more than ever.
Your time’s coming up next, real soon- whether you’re ready or not.


by S. Mitchell

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