Catching Up

We have a lot of catching up to do. Like how I went to the beach the other day, the last time swimming for this year, no one else in the water- and I would be out there and some of the waves would break way out and when they did it would look like the sun just got twice as bright, because now it was shining off the white foam instead of the blue-green water. And me and the foam would move toward each other and meet. It would surround me and fizzle and pop and give the water this added life for a few seconds. Then it would be gone- like its only purpose was to greet me.

But that’s the way it seems a lot with- people. Like our only purpose is to greet and see each other, and it’s all down hill from there. Then you just spend your time trying to leave. The foam has it much easier- it can greet you and make you feel good and then go away with no questions asked. If only all else could be as easy. That would be great, a good samaritan of sorts, or more like a saint. You just go around and greet and make people feel good, then move on. Then you could spread yourself very thin. But what about yourself, the saint- would the saint get lonely? If we could only be past that- that would be something. I guess we all have our needs- most of us have social ones of sorts. And the ones that don’t- don’t seem very happy. But I am sure there are those who are. You just never meet them because they are already happy, so what do they need other people for?

But we have a need. And isn’t it funny when you are lonely but don’t feel like calling anyone, so you don’t? You’re lonely but don’t feel like seeing anyone, so you don’t. And isn’t it funny when you hang out with people but they don’t stop you from feeling lonely? Maybe it’s the people we’re choosing from- maybe they are not good friends, or friends at all. They may be nice and caring people- but they just don’t fulfill. Just not what you need I guess. Yea, people do have needs. And I have needs. I am a person after all. Maybe it’s some kind of weakness I should be working on bettering, I don’t know. I just know how I feel now.

And we have a lot of catching up to do. I hope we get around to that catching up. You make me feel fulfilled. You make me feel not lonely, one of the few I know that can do that… and it’s a shame.

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