Reminds me of Bethany’s

Reminds me of Bethany’s

There are three different clocks in this house

at least, each with different times

Now it’s 6, 7, 8, I think, before it was

the last I checked there’s nothing going on at my building

totally empty parking lot

would be back from 6, 7, 8

is that like reading? About

Reading some of your profile did

I went to the library today.

There’s the Mystic library, there’s the Groton library, I went to the Groton one, so maybe I went to a library

to the library of Groton’s

Second Life Advertisement, beware. I found there titles I thought of writing, giving to you, sir (Peru, what is your name? Me too…hm, should I put period?)

No, he was my drinking buddy.

put with girl diver’s stuff

I’m hungry.

size really does make a difference

I’m drunk

Je voudrais

cheese blocks

my teacher of the French

It is bad.

Black people, they’re kind of comical, you know

really wide

They open their eyes

and they go like NOO

as they are frowning

when they are


it’s sarcastic and light of them


savage as fuck survivors


they go like I SHOULD

you want to be dark, be dark, it’s just that I am

I should not confuse you. I was thinking it’s not…

authentically interested in the world, which has sensitive people

about them?


pretty soon I be happy

and they go like by, bye

it is not bad.

turn, look around

yar rawr, ha ha ha, I feel great, is that how it goes? Sorry I’m only asking how you are, if that’s the case

It’s like you’re in a mental hospital as a visitor.

They have family which tell them to fuck shit up. Cuban. and the janitor

has finally decided

that not only does he read Turgenev but he also experiences a lot of life’s directly and personally

that my father is cracked with an attitude

So what, he’s black

Do you think that I liked that side of the family?

But I tell you what

of the family’s

when the elimination hits the fan

I wrote on both sides of a page’s.

So if somebody’s retarded, so fucking what

they ain’t hurting nobody

What makes you think that you can say that to me

the two of you are survivors and you’re both women

the kind of language’s which is asking to be verified as true and correct, and if…the feed back…actually does what, just like…an evolution…of mysterious life which is just growing, like trees…what kind of evolution…mountains are made…things become…extinct

Because I said that dad…

of evolution’s

Do you think I wanted to kill him? Do you know why? You don’t know that I don’t like you

You’re going to serve me.

I don’t believe in your life. Don’t have children.

I don’t want your service.

it’s like

this guy with blond hair, you can look…putting gas in his…motor vehicle. I’ll have to admit, I don’t know exactly what it is. You have this concept, though, of pride’s, is that it? I don’t know what pride for you if you are begotten and born. This guy with blond hair

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on a motion picture, he’s talking to a female person at night, also with her car

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we have gas stations

Well how does the train go?

spilling gas on his feet, leg, shoes or something? What is that?

she’s talking and talking, so finally he loses his patience and starts yelling for some reason, and she’s like you want to get smart

I show you a picture of her.

she be naked

oh, Skype, The Animated Series is a Hanna-Barbera-produced animated series based on the 1994 comedy film of the same name.


Joe, I’m like a…tough, brutal gangster and similar to my father, but…normal and kind of friendly

indifferent and intellectual

they be singing in the van, and he be saying can we listen to the radio instead? Guys, guys, knock it off

But I’ve been getting signs from Satan. Be clear. So I want to drop it. It says he takes medication regularly, but for stomach ulcer. When I was at the library

I have to do it though. Lazy. I think when I woke up the television said Something Bad Happens…at the library I tried to right 630 to be prepared for 700, and when I wrote 6…well and…the tip of the pencil fell out of the socket. I mean, write

What to do with it. It’s actually…like getting signs from the better one. And I’m serious. Signs from him are Anna Karenina and EverQuest. Don’t worry. Don’t listen to other people. You don’t know what EverQuest meant to me…so don’t judge it as if it’s with this world, because it’s not

the Hunnish would

You just don’t know it, that’s all. up to you…

So I learn when it’s…what, oka? Or I should put y, like Charlie. Yeah, you get signs from both. If you …look in to the other…well, maybe money? Bethany, her father makes

and serve?

The more you feed

the bad one, right. Then the more you will hear from him

hm, as with…anything. You reap, what you sow. Dig your well before you are thirsty

this beautiful woman, girl

Culture is real. She’s like a spy? She’s kind of like you

Lauren Holly as Mary Swanson, a wealthy heiress whose husband, Bobby, has been kidnapped and whom Lloyd falls in love with, unaware that she is already married.

she 56

as of now

the Hunnish would, take medication regularly, the mother of this actress schizophrenic

the mother

Mayflower descendant such as I

Can you see indifference in her?

You don’t know I’m talking about, in even the daughter

I can’t

get a good picture

She released her memoirs called The Women Who Raised Me: A Memoir

Secrets of a Soap Opera Diva: A Novel ,Victoria Rowell

The Young and the Ruthless: Back in the Bubbles

ah, I should take a bubble bath and get a blow job

Here’s that Spanish girl.

I don’t know what the fuck Bethany’s problem is.

No. I was thinking to myself that I hate Cubans and Cuban people. But if the culture is going to be like no, no, no. So. I go like no, no, no, and then you go like no, no, no. If that’s what you were talking about. Is that a mean girl or a nice girl?

You don’t know what you’re talking about. Do you think that I can’t learn? It goes back…historically, maybe. Why…I wonder, cannibalism? Well. I can get in to…cannibalism and existence.

I feel him in his…writing. Although if that writing just…he be saying blah, blah, and I like money…the Russians gave him money…

It’s…written down what he spoke.

that could be irrelevant, now

So I’m not going to do it, because

if I ought to be able to say a little, just pondering, and not say the whole thing

Fidel Castro and Russia not liking gays? You too? That’s not about him Tatar. I wonder milk and semen. Yeah, yeah, I do like that stuff that orange juice. I said life is strange. Why did I find him? Why did he find me? Fidel Castro just some ordinary guy. Thought if he was shitty ass…leader? About biting? Oh, culture all over the world. Let’s learn about how bad Russia is. Then I will agree with you. How’s that?

Did I contradict myself? You won’t have a shell in America. I’m lucky to have these girls. Cherish life? No, die.

Never write books with your children.

Sword and Sorcery. Are you sure?

Are you there?


That’s not enough for you. The pain of this. You like me. Realizing Bethany? You live in darkness because that’s not enough for you, what? So if differently…you like yourself? What kind of darkness? You are a master.

From the mind…how clear?

Name art.

I don’t resist, fight stupidity and depression. What you hear from other guys? Totally different? So I’ll be stupid and depressed.

I can’t even do that. It’s hard to

I always feel the happiness coming from your side.

If I went far away from you

I’m a mammal

You’re on your own. Without me.

When my brain is so low, the highness of it would go where rather?

Why I want and like talking to unintelligent people.

I’m not in good shape.

Do we eat candy?

I’ll keep going, talking about what ever, but what about when I am dead?

Somebody who is dead

I want to keep you warm

Maybe the dead have healing power

What kind of power the living have

Death doesn’t exist.

This is a dwelling?

If you think so.

Were you having sex when you were away?

That’s really painful to me.

I’m just in America.

But if you really want to know

I breathe oxygen

and when you have blood cancer, otherwise known as


shall i give a fuck about life?

Your attitude is frightening to me like you don’t give a fuck about life.

I hope you know what you’re doing.

I dont

How ever it lets you down, I don’t “wish” that you replied…such as you…suggested? You’re talking about me when you say, maybe I was wrong? You think that I am fake? No one ever really…taught me to be real, maybe, and I don’t really live with …good people

You’re being sarcastic when you say, I don’t?

You try to act like that’s not scary. You said you wished you was.

I dont think it is scary, first i dont feel scary because i never had that kind of illness in my life, second i think scary is last thing someone should feel

I’m not sure if I’m healthy for you. Is there no one else?

Slow down. Please. Should I stay here?

If I tell you that I’m afraid of you, because of your attitude

If I stay all I want

I go between your legs to rest there and sleep

Are you cold of blood? Like a dinosaur?

Tell me slowly?

You can ease off of yourself and your own ego, and realize that I am gentle…

How fucked up and crazy you are

Are you talking about your family?

I think, I am just about the only one who will talk to you, which is lame to say


besides and other, and besides and other

than that

This is consciousness. I’m going to get hungry again. I wanted to thank you for writing to me.

What I remember most


Can you understand me and my personality though?

You don’t like me.

But it’s just stuff

that could be done away with

To be honest with you, I’m kind of tired, but it’s…okay

I have my own situation.

I love you.

What is love ?

We will all be dead. About your, Since when does a loony bin has internet? See what I wrote about Russia? No, no, please, I live in a really bad country that was supposed to be blown up. et c

What is love?

If the world is the way it is, and you are who you are, yet you still talk to me, although you do have others…and so there are others. On the planet.

It may be more of an art to talk about…you can’t tell me how crazy you are, so to speak


I don’t think I’m that bad. I have pride and joy. We’ll see.

How it was with you ?

You know how it was with me

What do you see? Ahead?

Other people don’t deserve you. I guess you could have sex.

But I’m sensitive. You act like you attack me.

That’s the point.

you’re unbelievably crazy or you’re not sure or some shit?

So does that mean?


it be like in the middle

or several meanings for us to process


mind blowing Spongebob

Good for you.

You’re still alive.

How I’m sensitive is like how some people golf. Maybe they can do sexual hobby

Oh, unless you were digging it? Unless. I just say that. It’s nothing. Um, excuse me

I was thinking about you. Really hate to bring it up.

why do you hate to bring up the fact that you were thinking about me?

associating you with a culture

continued, an Oliver Twist gangster

whether with what company and friends

somebody from Chelyabinsk sitting on a rock

how light of heart

evading some kind of demise of your

with light colour hair

running from the police in to the wilderness

I didn’t mean as specifically

if you want to make with it, being

and it’s like my uncle is saying

through the phone and over the phone

as he’s working on something, sometimes sounds like he’s choking, out of breath’s, my mother would mention

I didn’t go through too much schooling

little Joe

we would be only in December

and I already missed 30 days

and he be asking me, are you warm?

I now wonder about how you remind me a lot of him.

does he still live

Yeah, I was going to call him.

If you eat pickles and then be a girl?

It just means a lot to me

and get to talk to you

and can talk to you

I have a paper in the other room

you’re only this big in the world

but if someone committed suicide because of you

then would you be bigger than the world?

our paths have crossed

yet along the ways of them

you come from where it’s flat?

you come from where it’s round?

You mean to point to something

maybe two things

The world is round, you would be bigger than, relatively. Well. The world is seemingly flat to those whom traverse it, unless they be saying a lot of lack of flatness. Relatively, to those whom see it from space, it’s round

they could say when they see it’s not flat but I mean seeing, probably…I think, it’s oka mat

She be asking if I ever had sex or something

I bother with this

if I talk TO you then it could be boring

You didn’t mean to point to anything

to you on macro cosmic terms

if that aligns us. Still yet the difference. Micro

Don’t be like Uncle Bob, please

Have you ever considered the percentage of my understanding to your presentation so far since 8am my time, thats 7 hours ago?

It can be just what it is. So. I think, how perfect, from atom, micro, to galaxy, macro…whose voices are always there. Why do you come back tomorrow? It may not be difficult, once you just get what I am saying. Or some time

Why do I keep you?

You decided to say that. But whose voices, it brings me back to

and I get out of here

No…I want to talk to you. Whose hands

Once you finally get it

then we can do some things Romantic

the secret sharer

It brings me back to the creation of things. Specifically, though

If I could make you understand just like that

to Joseph Stalin, because I was homicidal. Macro? What’s micro?

Along the way, then, if we want to be talked to, then can you know him? You speak Russian so badly.

He’s in my recent past. So is a Georgian…fairy tale. You’re like him.

You are in my recent past. With the dead, about them. Death is life, you write to life. Time, write to…

now let’s change the subject matter, if need be

but as I was saying

does it matter if we change the subject or not

My Uncle Bob tried to explain to me something once when I was a kid and I don’t know if I got it.

I acknowledge you

so throughout my continuum

How will you do it?

You reap what you sow.

It brings me back to the girl. What does? Whose voices are not temporary? We can imagine. Things…which are not there (perhaps). If the Doctor was Haitian…I think now if I am him because of the sex…the gender. I ask you come from where it’s flat because the book is the Beast of the Haitian Hills. If I was worried about an appointment

I use Skype for ten hours.

How Sage comes about, I was using it, like the people whom say voices are not temporary…in the appointment, years later, the other Doctor was a female also Haitian. How I know? Using it because I was afraid. Why do they use it?

They have a sense of profanity’s.

But what’s dirty is not Sage, one might say

I know whose voices always there, timeless in time…what of my suicide? Understand? If I suicide then I’m temporary. But. What’s to become of my body and stuff in to the Earth…

I can’t talk TO you, because we people the humans all of us not smart.

Everybody? When you ask that, I should remember as far back as…I’m afraid to say. What about Marina?

How do you expect me to have friends in a country like this?

I dont expect you to have friends in a country like this

I write the word Life and I talk to It, write to It…how would that actually be? I was wondering it’s just enough what I said. So you have, if you want to get on the same page with me, the Beast of the Haitian Hills…it’s good practice. Oh, you have. Indians talk like other people talk. Macro. What is small though? As far as we can see? For the purpose. If you have Sage. Oh, I play a violin if I want to be intimate with you and be on the same page with, speaking of your question

the violin is like the world? With it, you can only go so far

but if you have the whole world, to play

but i never feel like i can communicate better with anyone in violin than in words

How am I going to read your profile in this country?

I thought you have bigger conceptions of space? Your eyes aren’t open.

If you speak to me

you have used the violin

in your language

so the violin is in your words

the meaning

Try it the other way

Perhaps firstly with meaning. It may if, everyone else…what justification do they have?

You’re the fucked up crazy bitch. Violin.

so we think of it as many things but not just one thing?

If I talk TO you, then I talk to sex

so sex has you. I talk to possession.

Any pictures of your sheath, ma’am?

Are you afraid to write to me?

Do you say hello and if what to Shannon?


kind of like me, yeah?

Make her last days worse

I had a thing…it was about love?

Being Cossack and all. You do your routine.

My love was, compared to the love of my aunt’s being stupid and weak, correlate ing with the…intelligence, which means…other beings in history, destiny have the intelligence she does not…but it’s hard for me to just about keep my head above water, without an income…my aunt was afraid of me getting eaten by a bear at…night, or something, one of her brothers…told me, but if you live in the dark, meaning, with…inferior people, that’s like living in the dark?

You can survive when you’re evil and “karma” doesn’t “catch up with you”

Maybe you don’t love though. You could just have a sexuality, about…praising yourself. You like to have fun. You won’t tell me what’s sorrowful though. Why do you even bother giving people sorrow? They’re not worth it. They could get the silent treatment.

You can forget, once how my mother was to me, while being on the phone with her sister, if I can find the “room” and opportunity, possibility with which to explain and describe, something meaningless and comic. Her face be all like, possibly, whether large, and red like Indians they call red men, something about if the printer worked or not and she just wasn’t saying anything to me but ignoring me so I was off to the side, like, rude and sarcastic, and while she was on the phone if her eyes bulging out like her face when it gets angry and she be saying to me loudly, screaming, JOE DON’T GET A FUCKING ATTITUDE

I did hear my father come in, didn’t know he was sleeping on the couch. You know nothing ever, ever mother freaking happens here. What makes you think that I’m talking about him? He’s possessed by a good spirit, maybe, it’s not him…so give to the good and bad spirits which take people

Think my mother called Shannon’s mother a pig.

Shannon is life.

None of my family is any good, …are they? A Jewish friend. Because

I don’t want England to exist.

Some girl Jewish used to live with

him, my family would say

Shannon, I’m thinking kind of like you next to the blond when your hair is tied back, with dark, black hair and maybe more white skin…but…Shannon’s mother has red hair, her mother just got out of jail. Of jail’s…what’s that? Like Ireland is so…you’ve never been there, they have private treasures, maybe, …my grandmother’s private treasures…disrespectful, or something, like a Tatar…that’s kind of like his daughter then, but he’s so “protective” and stupid

He told her to get out and to stop staying with him

Do you care? Why am I doing any of this? Maybe I should die instead.

she Jewish and has daughter…be like 10 and stuff. Different people

That’s your map, you know as much. More specifically…

This is possibility and this is harm. They integrate.

I invent people that would read me, as I’m not interested in, satisfied with the reality. What happens when someone, how many, stop dealing with whom, with how many? People make the world to go around…now you’re going to start caring about life. I would get a blog so as to facilitate income and piss people off.

I like you better than other Russian…people. But

Myself compared to you and other

Are you the only one?

so thanks and good job

Are you any good?

I like your buttocks.

Very feminine, shapely

turn around

if you were my fellatrix

use your hips, thrust

lay down

You can do that.

inherent, and true

My mother had big plans for me.

Am I light or dark?

You were right. Guess what I’m doing tomorrow night, going to Siberia. Yulya will be…actually. I don’t know if I’m going to make it, because I will be visiting a poor little Creature from the Realm whose life I am going to save. Pray.

Where my father?

No one’s better than me.

It’s like having a penis

So where the sheath? What I was made for. I don’t know (I’m not sure…weak. Doubtful)

visual estetika

awareness of imperfection’s must be hot

maybe I won’t be so fucking private. I’m pretty sure that Yulya is all set and I’m a dreamer living on hope.

What happened?

How I imagined you, to be

you the love of my life

My brother’s name Antonio. If she does not care, Yulya

et c (first of all, the universe was created)

Charles the Cabot, we must be insects,

This is what life has given me


perfect, so perfectly perfect, from atom’s to galaxy

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