A Lovely Disadvantage of Growing Up

I know you’re used to having people fall in love with you in no time at all- but unfortunately it won’t be quite like that anymore. All it used to take was a little time and it would most surely happen. They would first be captivated by your presence and looks- this is how you started to get to know them, or should I say, THEY got to know YOU. After this first hook you felt them out. If their intentions were not proper- you would cast them off. And if they themselves were not worthy of you- you would cast them off. Unless you were in the mood for some fun, that is.

And those that past your test of sincerity and kindness were in for a real treat- to get to know you. Based on reflections from them you knew how quickly to reveal your inner beauty. And the more you did this the more they loved you. It was great- all benefited. You are so deserving of the greatest of loves- I’m glad you have gotten some of them.

But it is not as easy anymore. Times are changing- you’re getting old, and it will be harder for you to find your loves. And the unfortunate part of it all is that it is not any fault of your own- but the fault of the rest of these people. Your “competition” is what some would view them as- but they are no match for you. They are in imitation what you are in reality. That is the difference, and that is where the confusion lies. Because those fakes try to be something they are not, to get what they want- and it is really most bothering to see. How they can be so illusionary I do not know. And you, an innocent, true lover, are the one who pays for their inadequacies. Because people confuse you for them. Though it is unbelievable to me that such an error could be made- it is. I guess most people are not as insightful as we would like.

Then, to protect themselves from such imitators, as most everyone is, they doubt and question everyone. The fact that they do this is good in that it protects them from being mislead by deceivers, and hurt by abusers. But then they doubt even you. They think your caring and love is simply and act also- but what a mistake that is. They are unbelieving, and some may even pass you by- what a horror of a wasted opportunity. Sometimes I think it would be better for these people to not be on guard and be hurt twenty times over for the chance of getting to know someone as true as yourself. Because it is often a once in a lifetime chance. It is the saddest thing in the world to see- someone’s heart closed to love.

But don’t despair- I know and others know- that your love is true, your intentions are pure- and that is what matters. It is the rest of the world that is screwed up. I know they are missing out, as we all are, including yourself. Persevere- it may take longer and be difficult- but you will find others that will want your heart in its purest form.



One thought on “A Lovely Disadvantage of Growing Up

  1. I don’t believe you are real. I don’t believe there is anyone who could put any of these in words, so beautifully and so touching. And, I don’t believe you have met many of this kind of beautiful souls in your life, enough for you to notice and write a post like this OR I don’t believe if you only met this once and it’s enough for you to writes this. All of these are surreal. Tell me you don’t exist or you exist in outer space, then I’ll believe in these. You have special eyes in your heart.

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