Leaving this building for the last time. This building that was built for us over 60 years ago.
This place with so much history, where several movies were filmed.
This place where I learned about myself, others, my job, my industry; and grew in all ways accordingly.
What a strange feeling to never walk in these doors, up the elevator, and down these halls again.
After doing it almost every day for the past sixteen years.
No more walks to the park for lunch- sitting there writing to people, watching people.
No more watching Aladdin vs The Late Show softball games.
No more shopping at the flagship stores just blocks away.
No more bank where they know I like my withdrawals in hundreds.
No more of these restaurants and food trucks where they know “No hot sauce”.
No more closing my door for a talk, or the talk.
Even the tourists, that others complained about- it will feel empty without them around.
Leaving behind so many things- so many good times, yet enough bad times that it might be good to have a change of scenery.
The last day- so rushed I am running out of here.
For the best- just move on. No photo-op, no dwelling. Just look ahead.


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