Middle C

I would not leave a note. At least I don’t think I would. What if it didn’t go as planned? That would be the worst. They say women want to fail just for the attention, men want to succeed to get it done. For me the fear of embarrassment would mean I would do my […]



  23rd.Sat Today we went to visit two elderly homes. I like volunteering works but I dont like to visit to the unfortunates, because I’m not capable to cleanse my mind after the visits. Why do I often do something that I’m not entirely sure I want to do? I have rejected and avoided this […]


You inspired me. Inspired me to reach out to others that have drifted away- either me from them or them from me, or both drifted off in our own directions. Reach out? Keep in touch? Extend a hand? Even if they have turned away from you, hurt you, abandoned you? That concept is foreign to me. […]


Leaving this building for the last time. This building that was built for us over 60 years ago. This place with so much history, where several movies were filmed. This place where I learned about myself, others, my job, my industry; and grew in all ways accordingly. What a strange feeling to never walk in […]

The 9:55 Regrets

It is only when I turn off the light, head on the pillow, pillow over my face- that I stop and think. Only then that I realize how thoughtless my priorities have been, how stupid my decisions have been. I should have listened more, asked questions more, spoken sweeter more, helped more, explained more, been […]

The Fall

The Fall Fall onto this couch with me. Let’s fall together, in each other’s arms. Pretend like we lost our balance- but find happiness in knowing we didn’t. We did it on purpose, and it’s funny and joyous so we giggle on the way down, and for the first few seconds after we land. Then […]



Monday, November 30th, MMXV “Do you always like passively ?”, said A “That’s a good question…. It changes…. Depends on the situation.You?”, said B “I have no guideline to be passive or not , I think I’m very passive at most of the situation, but then I have the personality that’s as innocent as a […]

Blame #4

Stupid, Stupid, Stupid – Please don’t be stupid. Too much is at stake. And I always think it’ll be different this time – prove me wrong once again. Throw it all away once again.But what about the dreams and the plans and the hopes – What about them? What about Bozeman and the big house […]